Purpose of this website

- Improve the living environment of electro-sensitive people / people with EHS such that natural body mechanisms regain control and allow for normal recuperation of EMF symptoms.
The fact that the medical and scientific community has not yet done enough research, let alone found a 'solution' to the EMF-caused illnesses, does not imply the issue does not exist (countless, often heart-breaking examples of electro-sensitive hardship, prove quite the contrary).
- Help people with EMF-related health problems (electrosmog, electrostress) with information and actively assist them in their search for solutions.
- With practical and broad information clarify that, in spite of all EMF issues, there is still hope for electro-sensitive people.
- Raise conciousness - EMF sensitivity is not just a problem that exists 'between the ears'!
- With as little technical jargon as possible discuss those problems and solutions that are important and useful to electro-sensitive people.
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