Being an electrosensitive person myself, I have been searching for solutions to the healthproblems caused by EMF for many years. During this search, I've met many specialists (regular and 'alternative') to help me solve this (for me) very serious problem. During this search I noticed that the average doctor or specialist knows little or nothing about the effects of EMF on the health of living organisms. Because of this, I discovered that these same doctors and specialists are also not able to refer EMF sensitive people (the condition is officially called Electro Hyper Sensitivity or EHS) to proper instances for help and support.
This all has led me to search for solutions myself and publish my finds to all those who still stand at the start of the journey to recovery.
Another reason for this website is the fact that our world is moving in an ever increasing speed when it comes to the amount and kind of EMF around us. Considering the, and I put this mildly, very uncertain health aspects around EMF, it is only right that this subject gets more and proper attention.
What can I do for you? With my practical experience and technical background, I can be of service to you with on-site measurement of EMF to document your at-home or at-office situation. When applicable, a plan of action and/or advice can be started/given to reduce or eliminate present sources of EMF and thereby improve your living- and working environment.
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