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Electrical Hypersensitivity - wat is it all about?
This website is meant for electro-hypersensitive persons and explains the facts about Electrical Hypersensitivity.
Purpose of this website                                     Background
In this modern world, a growing percentage of people (estimated about 5% but rapidly increasing) is developing hypersensitivity toward modern (digital) electronic and electrical equipment such as TV, computer, WiFi, telephones, energy saving lightbulbs, etc. Affected people suffer from symptoms such as itching, dizzyness, concentration lapses, headaches and severe tiredness. Together, these symptoms may ultimately lead to inability to perform at work or at home. Conventional health channels are (as of yet) incapable of tracing the symptoms to the correct cause, therefore unable to refer patients to the correct specialists.
The author and affiliated organizations worldwide have traced and identified the sources causing these symptoms. Interference between electric and/or magnetic fields and biological bodies have been (and still are) studied and solution oriented strategies have been developed.
Based on the research already done, it is our firm belief that only dramatic changes in the environment in which hypersensitive people live can lead tot gradual improvement of health and reduction of symptoms.
Our common goal is, through scientific measurement, to strive for an increase in public awareness and tighten (ie: reduce officially allowed but very high levels) national radiation standards to a level which benefits hypersensitives today and protects all living beings in the (near) future.
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